Become a BodyWhisperer

Your body does everything for you and will be with you your whole life, so become a BodyWhisperer - Learn how to decode its messages and build an unconditionally loving relationship to heal and thrive.

End your lifelong habit of under-breathing

PleasureStretched Breathing is the one tool to help you relax even under stress, boost your energy and attitude anytime you want, even break negative patterns that currently cause you suffering and self-sabotage!

Be the change you want to see in the world

As you re-member your healthy body, de-stress your emotional responses, recognize yourself as a field of expansive awareness, wisdom, compassion and skillful means it changes your world and the world.

Healing is not a noun. Healing is a verb - and you heal us by healing you.

PleasureStretch is the hedonist, epicurean approach to physical fitness.

PleasureStretch Breathe health and fulfillment into your body and life.


It trains more than the body

PleasureStretch is safe, simple and requires no equipment. It uses ingenious core, shoulder and hip stretching movements to heal as it conditions. It strengthens with balancing and basic movements. Most significant though, by practicing the RadiantBreathing at the heart of the system you can manage stress, create energy, develop emotional intelligence and gain a sense of connection and fulfillment that make living easier and more pleasurable.

Decode your body’s messages

Unique, simple yet amazingly challenging, powerfully effective, PleasureStretch teaches you to understand what your body is trying to communicate. You'll start to trust those messages and see your body as your source for egoless wisdom. As the relationship grows into unconditional love, you'll be able to approach every situation in your life in ways that work to improve your fitness, flexibility, comfort, effectiveness and joy in living. You will have become your own BodyWhisperer!

Everyone needs a coach

Learning PleasureStretch includes the best aspects of the coaching experience because it's taught by an accomplished master coach. You'll discover the blind spots in your life - the things that, through no fault of your own, you just can't see without help. You'll have someone to hold you accountable and give you emotional support when the going gets tough. It's why almost all top executives, performers, athletes and artists decide to hire a coach to help them succeed.

To good to be true?

"Jan Hutchins with his PleasureStretch is the modern day snake oil salesman. Good for chronic pain, sciatica, repetitive motion injury, trauma, immobile hips, hemorrhoids, and a flagging libido improves flexibility, mobility and increases core strength. Perks up your mood and makes you feel vital. The difference is PleasureStretch works and there’s no snake oil, only the snake charmer, Jan, and it's merely circumstantial he looks half his age.”

Richard (PleasureStretch student)

The practice uses pleasure to heal

"It is like Pilates for the whole body! It’s so relaxing and slow - it’s hard to imagine I’d sweat so much and that it could be such a great workout! It leaves me feeling good about myself and in bliss for the evening.” "The healing process my body is experiencing as this powerful practice unfolds is amazing, something that chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massage, and medicating (both self- and prescribed) have not invoked... Jan's simply awesome."

Sarah & David (PleasureStretch student)

Balance ease with effectiveness

"Through Jan’s mentoring I have finally achieved what I can only describe as flow. Life still throws challenges at me, but I am able to observe them, analyze them, take a few mindful breaths, and then see if there might be another way to look at them. The issues that used to paralyze me, or tie me up in knots, are now just parts of the day. Like an athlete in the zone, life has slowed down for me, and I am no longer stressing over the things I can’t control."

Chad (PleasureStretch coaching student)