At least 23 Advantages of Lifestyle over Exercise

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Looking at the reasons people do and don’t exercise reveals some wonderful opportunities to satisfy our needs or those of our clients by modeling and teaching lifestyle rather than exercise. Most fitness, yoga or other somatic educators would say the body is wise and should be listened to, yet many of us make the mistake of using our own prejudices and selling something (to self or other) rather than dealing with what our bodies are actually requesting.

Studying fitness and wellness for more than 45 years and teaching yoga for the past 20 years showed just how much our cultural insecurity has produced an out of balance urge (trying) to reach some goal, as if, THEN I’ll be happy.

The lean, flexible, powerful body or amazing yoga pose shown in some magazine or on display somewhere in the place you train is the result of lots of commitment and immediately accessible to only the genetically blessed.

Yet so intense is our fear of not being enough (especially for men), that if the cue is, “This is an advanced posture or shape.”, ready or not, almost every person tries to do it. That’s how bodybuilding becomes a cult of chemical warfare and power yoga injures and re-traumatizes those who came to feel better about them selves.

Teacher insecurity is at work here. Having heard and been praised for teaching a class that “kicked our butts” many fall into our western tendency toward self-alienated and wind up teaching “trying” and seeking.

What if we developed exercise concepts and practices that are more about actual lifestyle than something we do in a special place with special equipment and movements? Other than potentially costing us money… 😉

I believe the system I’m working with has 23 characteristics that address the things blocking many of us from exercising.

  1. The number one reason is “I don’t have the time.” Lifestyle based exercises like PleasureStretch don’t take time since you can do them anytime and all the time throughout your day.

The PleasureStretch System is about constantly lengthening the body, connecting along the lines of fascia, R.E.A.L. breathing (Relaxed, Extension, Abdominal, Lengthening), and can/should be done nearly every breath of your day. A constant full-body massage it also produces the feeling of living as a dance.


  1. Another major reason for not exercising is that it’s too painful. Can we create something that doesn’t have to hurt to be effective? Yes! The whole PleasureStretch System is set up to learn to listen to your body and maximize it’s pleasure. There is gain through pain, but not much.
Find out how to effortlessly, pleasurably make your lifestyle support your fitness and health!!!

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