How To Heal – My Story

PleasureStretch is performed with constant attention on extending the spine, mobilizing the hips and shoulders and expanding energy throughout the body. This creates an anti-aging effect as the body is asked again and again to lengthen, be flexible and grow. The compression relief and increased blood flow in the spine, aided by the core strengthening, develops a healthier spine and more graceful, regal posture.  Try stretching yourself longer right now and notice how much your mood shifts when you sit or stand tall and breathe all the way up into your chest and shoulders. Your neck can lengthen and your shoulders relax resulting in fewer headaches and upper back and neck pain – and you haven’t even experienced a real PleasureStretch Breath yet! The sensuous pleasure of full-body expansion creates space for life and a magical ability to thrive.

PleasureStretch started when my yoga practice and teaching stopped being about “trying.” At 60, with a lifetime of accomplishment behind me, I left public life and escaped into my yoga studio in downtown Los Gatos, California, USA to perform alchemy on myself. I soon discovered I’d spent my whole “successful” life trying, craving, seeking, like a hungry ghost – impossible to satisfy. Even the yoga had been about more; deeper poses, harder classes, more exotic practices.

It became my dark night of the soul and in the heat of my obsessions, the thrashing around for a satisfying story, I was cooked tender enough to open to love and light and truth. I discovered what Torei had found; “look(ing) through awakened eyes at the real form of this universe, all that appears is the never-ending, never-failing manifestation of the mysterious unfolding of truth.” All in life is accessible not through thinking and trying but by fully accepting and letting go into our shared reality. 

“Of all the various functions of our autonomic nervous systems, from heart beat, perspiration, hormonal release, gastrointestinal operation, neurotransmitter secretion, etc., the breath stands alone as the only subsystem the conscious mind can put into ‘manual override’ and so it is through manipulation of the breath that we can recalibrate the entire system.” So I came up with…

The Blessing of PleasureStretch Breathing

I’ve discovered a powerful tool I call PleasureStretch Breathing! It’s proven itself able to break the clutches of illness, addiction, past traumas and chronic emotional conditions and mercifully, it avoids wrestling with the very thinking that created the problem in the first place and which so often outsmarts all attempts to fix it.

It’s a breathing process that completely relaxes open the lungs, directs positive energy (prana) up into the body and profoundly balances the body/mind.

Using PleasureStretch Breathing works, it positively changes moods, interrupts one from being trapped in thinking and feeling patterns that reflect old wounds and ego identifications.

Learn to breathe properly, and your metabolism will normalize, your fears will release from your body, your endurance will skyrocket, your energy will increase and enable you to be both at ease and more effective.

How PleasureStretch Can Help “Save the World” 

PleasureStretch has universal implications because our shame based culture, alienated and anxious as it is, has become unworkable. PleasureStretch is an easy, simple practice to create a sense of personal security and presence — in the present — which is necessary for us to be willing or even able to engage with others in communication and cooperation.

We are tormented by the illusion of separateness, infected by the belief that we’re somehow not good enough, rich enough, successful enough, attractive enough, happy enough – when the truth is we’re always connected, present and enough.

PleasureStretch is an entirely personal empowerment tool so YOU EXPERIENCE transcending the illusion there is something you lack and need and YOU EXPERIENCE the fact you can feel healthy, happy and fulfilled in this and every even messed up moment.

And because PleasureStretch counters our insatiable desire for more — whether it’s money, things, sex, success, happiness, food, drugs or even spiritual experiences just by using an absolutely free tool, PleasureStretch Breathing is a way everyone in the world can eventually access the experience of their immediate connection with aliveness beyond concepts, get relief from whatever ails them and stop needing to take it out on one another.