Injury & emotional trauma – recovery through physical exercise

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by Jan Hutchins.

A full-body, connecting, profoundly deep breathing system like PleasureStretch can provide the integration and self-soothing environment needed to re-experience, release and reset to neutral most of the traumatic experiences trapped in the body.

The car seemingly rolled forever, the fall was terrifying, the wounding was deep and life changing, the fear was paralyzing, you were powerless.

Blessedly you’ve mostly recovered. I say mostly, because often the psychological aspects of traumatic events land in the tissues and remain there until the body is coaxed to release them.  The clenching the body did trying to catch itself, the guilt and regret from having “been in the wrong place at the wrong time”, the hurt from having been violated or betrayed, the rage toward the perpetrator or fate, the fear that surged into every cell while it was happening, the sadness of “why me?” and “I should (or shouldn’t) have” all can and do live on in the body long after the traumatic incident.

Often we anticipate the emotional responses to trauma and it’s “normal’ to have therapy and counseling to dissipate the grief, rage and despair that frequently accompany having been traumatized.  But the emotional “cringe patterns” from the trauma often show up as chronic pains, tensions, holds in joints, and/or illnesses and equivalent therapeutic, somatic intervention is rarely offered to deal with the results that live on in the tissues.

It’s often valuable to establish a safe, self-soothing environment, utilizing a modality like PleasureStretch and revisit the traumatic incident. With gentle guidance you can explore and express the deep feelings unconsciously planted in the body during the incident. It’s wise to allow your self to rage, recriminate, resent until you’ve removed all resistance to letting go of the powerful emotions from the event still living in your body.

After the emotion is fully expressed real release is possible by employing deep audible exhales and even deeper repeated relaxing of the affected tissues until the body resets to neutral.

While release is possible, forgiveness is divine. Take some time to forgive yourself for the ways in which the mind would have you be guilty in some way for creating the trauma. Clumsy? Stupid? Naïve? What names have you unconsciously been calling yourself? Breathe these away as well, again using deep, audible exhales.

The issues are in the tissues, and, there are ways available to help you avoid carrying the effects of trauma around inside you for years after the incident.

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