The #1 Key to Effortless Healing of Body and Mind

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by Jan Hutchins.

Ever do the body wisdom experiment of clenching your fist as tightly as you can for a minute? Try it now if you like, but I warn you it hurts. Just 60 seconds of trying as hard as you can leaves the hand nearly locked in the fist position. Prying it open and releasing the tense fist is harder than you could have imagined. This experiment makes a powerful point.

It’s painfully tiring and ineffective to try so hard. The muscles clench, quickly lose efficiency and lock-up in ways that rob you of flexibility. In PleasureStretch we learn what yogis know, that ease and letting go produce graceful action. Yogis wind up hardly sweating as they do amazing things with their bodies while the fit athlete taught to “try hard” becomes a sweaty, tired mess attempting something similar.

World-class athletes in all disciplines understand that too much effort does not produce better results. They learn how to maximize performance by relaxing as they give 100 percent effort. This is, in part, why The PleasureStretch system gets such amazing results with the LooseBody way to exercise. Your body will perform better if you don’t add anxiety. In fact, your entire life will work better if you don’t add anxiety.

Philosophically, trying is anxiety. It implies you need to do more than enough. The great basketball coaching legend John Wooden told his players to “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” The Zen definition of anxiety is “wanting things to be other than they are” and that’s the way many of us are taught to live our lives. If they change or he, she or it changes, THEN you can be happy. If you only had that job or that mate or that amount of money, THEN you’d be happy. It turns out it’s not true. Until something in you changes, as soon as you get the thing, the same inner sense of not being or having enough complains that it’s not satisfied, and then, angry and frustrated you’re off seeking happiness by trying to get the next thing to change.

You cannot become happy. You can only be happy now. You can only act in this moment in ways that reflect your willingness to change your circumstances to meet your vision, and here’s the trick, allow yourself to experience the happy feeling you think will come in the future, right now. For example, you want the good feeling of being healthy and vital, then allow the good feeling of being healthy and vital experienced after each PleasureStretch patterning session convince you it’s just a matter of time before it happens, and let yourself be happy NOW.

During PleasureStretch the body is repeatedly asked to stretch with 100 percent effort AND breathe beyond the limits of the mind AND use all the body’s contacts with the floor to create awareness and connection AND (all at the same time) stay aware of relaxing the neck and spine so they are as long and free as possible! The resulting effect is physical, emotional, mental and sensual balance! Before long this thrilling experience will become a way of life, changing your experience from living like a clenched fist to enjoying the ability to produce satisfying bursts of pleasure, energy and the experience of happiness throughout your day!


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