Connection + PleasureStretch Breathing = Healing

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by Jan Hutchins.

Touching one another is almost as important to our health as breathing. It’s presence or absence affects our vitality, ability to learn, mature, and slow aging. Our tissues are more responsive to change and improvement than we’ve been taught to believe. Every sensation and emotion that occurs in our bodies is creating chemical reactions, postures and behavior patterns.

PleasureStretch Breathing can re-educate and re-program us to be more coordinated, flexible, amazingly even more appropriate in social situations… 😉

They combine, when practiced regularly, to make us more responsive, emotionally intelligent, able to resist depression, disease, stress, even avoid injury because they change conditioned responses, shift those chemical imbalances and by extending the spine on the inhales, change the structural relationships in the body. Self-awareness is the key to lasting positive change and PleasureStretch Breathing is a direct, effective way to increase awareness and self-control.

I’ve dedicated my life to studying health and the body. I’ve taught yoga for almost 40 years, massaged and been massaged a thousand times. I’ve spent countless hours watching, talking, training and competing with world-class athletes. I’ve learned how to heal injuries – including by BodyWhispering the body to let go of inner patterns of trauma, belief and emotion that were trapped in it.

Let’s talk:

  1. If you want to add to your success, self-actualize and take the next big step on your journey, whatever the direction.
  2. If you have chronic pain, are challenged to move freely, have trouble sleeping or need more vitality to have the life you deserve.
  3. If outer success is easy but inner satisfaction is elusive or close relating is a challenge.
  4. If you know exactly what you want but can’t get your body and/or your feelings to cooperate.
  5. If you’re willing to work with me to breathe and stretch in ways that release the physical tightness and/or inner resistance that’s holding you back.
  6. If you want to learn how to be a BodyWhisperer and develop an unconditional love relationship with your body.


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