“I experienced Jan’s coaching as a active mix of “holding my feet to the fire” and gentle acceptance of my struggle. It affected our business positively in both opening creative new possibilities and calming money shadows.”

Bill Kauth, Co-founder MKP

“Working with Jan Hutchins was truly transformative experience. For me, Jan was a perfect mix of mentor, friend, coach and elder – with a keen ability to bring each of these in to play as needed. Our work together focused on professional barriers that I had been experiencing and how to break through these barriers. Jan helped me to uncover the stories that I was telling myself and how these beliefs were creating the very challenges that I had been pushing up against. Since our time together, I have seen a noticeable difference in how I show up at work and the difference in how others respond to me. Aside from my day-to-day interactions at work, I also became much more focused on where I am mis-aligned professionally and the direction that I need to be pursing to achieve my full potential and ultimate success.

I would eagerly recommend Jan as a coach to anybody looking to take their lives to the next level, he will force you to go deep and take an honest look at how you are showing up in the world – but he will do this with love and strength keeping your best interests in his heart.
Craig Forman, Contractor, LinkedIn

Jan Hutchins and I met through the shared experience of a men’s group called The Mankind Project, and when I made the decision to work with him I had no idea what I was signing up for. I had never worked with a personal or professional coach, so I had no frame of reference. At worst, I figured I would be spending some money to get the same information I could get from my extensive library. At best, I was hoping for sound advice on how to grow my business – a good return on my investment.

Well, Jan didn’t just give me advice on how to grow my business. In fact, he didn’t really give me advice at all. Through active listening, and challenging me on my beliefs and assumptions, Jan has allowed me to, not only, change the way I do business, but he has also shown me how to view my entire existence through a different lens. He has shown me how to question the false beliefs of inadequacy and scarcity that had limited me throughout my life. He has given me tools to deal with the stress and challenges of being a business owner, husband and father. Most importantly, Jan has allowed me to let go of the belief that I need to “fix” things, granting me freedom from the self-imposed burden of solving all of life’s problems.
Through Jan’s mentoring I have finally achieved what I can only describe as flow. Life still throws challenges at me, but I am able to observe them, analyze them, take a few mindful breaths, and then see if there might be another way to look at them. The issues that used to paralyze me, or tie me up in knots, are now just parts of the day. Like an athlete in the zone, life has slowed down for me, and I am no longer stressing over the things I can’t control.
I cannot say enough about Jan’s coaching, and I am grateful to have him as a friend. My life, and the lives of my family, friends and employees, has been transformed, and I strongly urge anyone who is considering a coaching relationship to contact Jan.
With love and gratitude…

Chad Kalland, CEO at Vecta Environmental Services, LLC, Houston, TX

“I recently worked with Jan to try to get clarity on some very difficult issues that I’m facing in my life currently and also come to terms with trauma from my past and a host of debilitating habits that I have developed and carried with me for decades now. Our session together was unorthodox in the best of ways. It was not about mulling over the details of everything that I think is wrong with my self and my life but rather about cutting through the minutia and personal story lines that keep me mired in a cycle of suffering and self sabotaging. We practiced a series of techniques centering around the breath, dropping one’s own interior monologue and cutting through to the present moment.

Through these practices I was able to experience release. Temporarily stepping aside from all of the scripts that I use to inform myself about who I think I am, I was able to ground myself in the present and have some relief from my fears, anxiety, personal pain, and the tyranny of my own mind. For the first time in a long time I was able to experience myself on a heartfelt and pure level; not informed by a multitude of negative thoughts and definitions of my self or my life- but rather to remember the goodness and Innate clarity and dignity that I have as a human being. I was able to remember that I am not simply the sum of my thoughts, feelings, and actions, but something much more. That something being much less than the layers of judgment and thought that we heap on our selves and the world around us in an attempt to grasp or define who we are or what we think our particular reality is.

With Jan’s guidance I was able to penetrate though to a much more primary space. A space that refreshes, restores, and heals. The work we did together was precise and profound. Good medicine. A medicine that can be taken again via the regular practice of these techniques.

Whenever I experience the deepest truth of myself reflected in another, I always recognize it. It is an experience so deep and full of intensity, feeling, and resonance that it can’t be mistaken. This was the kind of experience that I have when working with Jan. I hope to have the honor to work with him again, as to learn more, strengthen and deepen the reconnection I have had with my own sacred self.”

Michael – Head Chef, Louisville, Kentucky

“I sought out Jan Hutchins for personal coaching wanting to deepen my life experience and push through whatever was holding me from moving into the next phase of my life. Over period of 12 weeks Jan as a coach carefully and skillfully guided me to my true self and to a place of internal congruence. From this place life is lived with ease, wisdom and power. I highly recommend Jan to anyone seriously pursuing more of their essential self and a new way forward.”

Mark Kellenbeck, Business Manager, BrainJoy LLC

Jan, I am still in awe of what happened to me after 6 weeks of locked muscles and pain when I moved in my shoulders, upper arms, back, groin and hamstrings. In one hour of Pleasure Stretch, the majority of my pain had evaporated. Having tried a method of relaxation that had successfully worked in the past I was desperate and our session that you so kindly offered was worth more than I can possibly put into words. To say I would suggest that anyone with a body pain issue consider working with you would be one of my life’s greatest understatements. On a scale of 1-10, you and your amazing work rate a 20.

Jeff Hutner, Retired

“I reached out to Jan Hutchins for an out of the box coaching experience. In just two sessions, he delivered a simultaneously fierce, yet gentle presence which has allowed me to get underneath the issues that I’m facing, to the root places where I can affect my state, and take deep responsibility for my life.

By being both versed in mental and body based practices, (and much more) he supports me to toggle and pivot in his coaching to – in essence help me to remember my focus, my gifts and strengths.

Jan also shows up with a confident transparency in his coaching which is a breath of fresh air along with his calming manner. His depth of experience and what I see as a living commitment to people becoming actualized in their gifts, dreams, practices and businesses make Jan a rare and exceptional resource to get new perspective, insight, as well as body-based experience to support my growth.

In my experience, he goes for the root of the matter, the essence, and avoids overly dwelling in mental frameworks. This has allowed me to continue to develop my own practices to serve my clients clearly and authentically.”

Jefferson Duval, Business Coach

“This is how Jan Hutchins saved my life. I want to give a voice and share some thoughts about my friend and life coach Jan Hutchins. I contacted Jan on Facebook after having meet him briefly almost thirty years ago. I read some of his Facebook posts and we shared a few messages back and forth. One of the first messages was me telling him I had it all together and I knew exactly where I was going and how I was going to get there. Little did I really know that the road map I was using had several flaws and roadblocks that I had created without the help of others. I still thought I knew it all but after 62 years I gave myself a birthday present and called Jan Hutchins.

Jan has a style of listening I would like to call “no Bullshit”, He got to the root of many of my roadblocks and helped me navigate a future that has incorporated a thought process for positive growth. Jan exposed my repressed anger and helped me unmask issues that I buried with humor and procrastination. He gave me the tools to overcome reactions and let go of baggage that influenced me in far more negative ways. I realized I had created many counter productive habits during my lifetime.
I want to tell the story about one of them. This is how Jan saved my life. I am overweight and needed to use a “CPAP” machine for apnea. I had not used it for over ten years. I found myself falling asleep when I stopped for traffic lights. One morning while sitting in front of my computer waiting for my appointed time to chat with Jan I fell asleep in front of my computer. I was late for our meeting. I was embarrassed and apologetic. Jan listened to my excuse for my tartiness as I tried to explain my lack of good sleep because I have procrastinated for ten years and did not buy a mask for the machine. He suggested, no he directed me to go on on line and purchase the mask before we continued the call.

Within a few days my life had changed for the better. I am finally getting a good nights sleep and the penalty my body was paying for my procrastination began healing. I am able to enjoy a fulfilling day without having to nap in the afternoon. I can finally dive home without having to pull over at an exit to power nap or open my car window to keep myself awake. My heart is getting what it needs to give me the gift of life. I think about how simple it would have been to correct the issue ten years ago but it was Jan that made sure I got it done. Thank You.

I gained so much from my Saturdays with Jan I would not be able in a few words express my gratitude and thanks, but like most journeys I have so many more places to visit I am looking forward to traveling the road of life. I will surmount life’s many roadblocks with Jan’s guiding hand. My future will have many more of life’s roads to explore because I will live another day. I know that having a friend and coach like Jan will help with the bumps of life. I gave myself a birthday gift but I never expected it would save my life. Thank You Jan.”

Phil Meyer, Owner, President, Carpet One

Jan Hutchins is a wise and powerful mentor and coach. He has a deep ability to see the truth and support others in uncovering it for themselves. His most powerful element is his presence, which draws out the best from those he supports. Jan is one of a kind”

Matt Auron, ‎Executive Coach and Investor – ‎Evolution Service Corp

“Wow. I am grateful for the offerings that Jan has made to me. He was fully present with me, encouraging, accepting, and wise in what he shared. He has obviously done a tremendous amount of inner work in his life and has a deep knowing of truth. I could feel this solidly in the time we had to chat.
I can see this coaching being a powerful tool for me to continue my learning and growth, as I become more of the man I wish to be in the world.
Thank you Jan, I appreciate you.”

Sheldon Fraser

Jan, our work together helped me through a confusing and overwhelming time in my life, when I had no idea where to turn for answers and guidance. I came knowing I needed something but not knowing exactly what it was. My intuition told me that what I needed was your guidance. I was swimming in a sea of anger, resentment and lack of a true path and purpose in my life. To the outside world, my life seemed close to perfect; I was educated, well dressed and mannered, and I spent my entire life making sure to reflect the same image of perfection to the outside work, as not to let anyone down. However, this was not me and I knew it, I just didn’t know how to change.

I desperately needed a spiritual mentor and you were there. Through our numerous sessions, we began processing the ‘old junk’ that had kept me harnessed to this past of anger and resentment. Through our work, I was able to see things clearer, from a different perspective and with a higher level of understanding and thus, the ability to move forward with my own life.

Not to say that I am not still dealing with all this junk, but the heavy burden of it no longer weighs on my shoulders as it once did. I took notes after most of my sessions, and re-read those notes often to ground myself and remind myself of the journey I am on.
I like how unstructured the sessions were and we would just start talking and intuition would just guide each session. I really enjoyed the readings you do with the cards and processing using rocks and music and walks by the creek.
You are incredibly gifted and I am indebted to you for eternity for all your support. You have the power to know what people need before they themselves know what they need.
I think that one of the greatest things I walked away with from our sessions was the tools to handle life’s challenges and the confidence to know that I could face these on my own.”

Penny, Real Estate Broker, Los Gatos, CA

Jan’s presence is deeply rooted and supportive, while maintaining a rigor and curiosity which challenges me to be my best, fullest self. He won’t let me show up as anyone but who I actually am, and does this with a gentleness and humor that make facing the shadow a delight and a simple adventure. It is clear to me that working with Jan holds the possibility of transformation and growing into life at my fullest potential.

Nathan Heintz, Social Impact Consultant, Taiji instructor, Chicago, Ill. 

“The first time I looked into Jan Hutchins’ eyes I knew I was looking at powerful, wise and respectable man.

My experience with Jan as a coach is that he brings a level of wisdom  and thoughtful insight that only comes from years of life experience.

I believe that Anyone seeking clarity , healing and growth would surely benefit from Jan’s coaching skills.

Mark Cooper, Outdoorsman & Guide, Northern California

“It was powerful, direct, impactful. Jan Hutchins helped me get to the truth of who I am, what I want, and what I need. Helped me to understand that it is OK for me to put my own needs/wants out front.
I feel more in control of who I am as a man, what I want, and am not afraid to finally ask for what I want in life. You help me see gold in the man in the mirror. To focus on the positive, not dwell on the negative whether real or not.”

Ken, Banker, San Francisco, CA

“Want to get to core issues? What’s blocking you from taking business &/or life to the next level? Had this core communication or relational challenge for years, and finally ready to overcome? Need a coach that has the courage to ID the tough issues, and then the wisdom to work through them. Jan Hutchins is the man! Want a coach that really cares? Try a session with Jan, you can’t go wrong.”

Stu Carson, Real Estate Broker, San Jose, California

“I highly recommend Jan Hutchins as a coach for career development, relationships, and unity with yourself. Jan is an expert at helping you set and monitor useful goals, and also identifying and coaching you to overcome obstacles that hinder your obtaining those goals. He has become a trusted mentor.”

Christian Lawrentzen, International Business Development, San Francisco, CA

“Working with Jan Hutchins has been a truly transformational journey. With his rich background in communications, health, wellness and spirituality, there is absolutely nothing left unaddressed in our sessions. His incredible presence along with his intuitive approach digs deeply into the core issues that I am facing each day. Together, we have whittled my many projects down to clear and obtainable goals.

Now, with workable structure in place, each step is in sharp focus and I am continually in action. What I could not seem to do for years on my own has been unfolding in such a powerful way. All parts of my life are expanding and beginning to thrive. My only wish is that I would have started sooner.”

Richard Adoradio, Musician, Kona, Hawaii

“I am a grateful client and I can attest to the power and effectiveness and joy of working with Jan Hutchins and Olga Kostrova. I am nurturing deep roots in integrity, relaxation, and connection, which allow my spirit to flex and flow like a willow tree in a strong breeze. The experience of this kind of presence is exhilarating, inspiring, and, dare I say, intoxicating!”

Dave Klaus, Public Defender & Life Coach, California

Olga & Jan are a tremendous team, bringing just the right blend of fierce and tender. In my current transition, I have needed both these energies, and their knowing sensitivity is a testimony to their deep intuition. They have challenged me to do the necessary things to redesign my business, honoring my resistance yet finding just the right way to push me through. I am immensely grateful for their clear guidance and deep caring. Indeed, they are a blessing.”

Dennis Mead-Shikaly, Life & Spiritual Coach

“They are two of my beloved and very talented coaches, Jan Hutchins and his better-half, the irrepressible, effervescent Olga Kostrova who are currently working remotely for the next couple of months in France after doing the same in Brazil and Panama. I recommend that you contact them should you want a lifestyle as they’ve helped me achieve or they are practicing!”

Bob Fagan, Golf Writer and Coach, Nevada

“I engaged Olga & Jan to help me figure out how to double my income, and in just two weeks my income has doubled!
As a man and therapist I’m now expanded beyond my previous limits and living every moment from a deep place of grace.”

Marc L’Ecluse, Psychotherapist, California

Olga & Jan, just to extend continuing THANKS and appreciation to you… You set a wave in motion and we’re ROLLING. Good progress on all fronts that we discussed.”…”I found my way through the brick wall, with sheer determination & persistence, and now, big, good changes… but in balance and harmony with everything else. I am loving this idea of harmony and balance and flow ~ and seeing more ways that it applies to all interactions, relationships, practices and procedures. Aspiring to more BREATHING space for all concerned! We’re starting to get footage of key trainings… and progress on all fronts really. What a great weekend workshop we had with you, with continuing ripples that will keep us going for a looooooooong time.”

Carolina Davis, COO, US PureWater