The Best Anti-Aging Exercise PLUS 15 ways to Live Longer

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By Jan Hutchins

Do you think you’re too old to fulfill your childhood dreams? No less than Harvard University insists you can still have them, if you’re willing to believe you can. Belief is the very best anti-aging exercise but there are a few tricks to making it work.

Researchers at Harvard University’s Program in Placebo Studies, say the Placebo Effect is “an integral part of good medical care and an ally that should be embraced by doctors and patients alike.”

You understand the placebo effect, right?

The phenomenon that occurs for reasons we’re just beginning to understand. It’s when people enrolled in a study experience improvement in their condition even though they have been taking medicines that don’t contain any active ingredients. In some studies as many patients on placebos heal as those on the medication. It’s clinical proof of mind over matter – that what we believe is what the body responds to and becomes.

The effect of our thinking is so great that the placebo effect even happens when patients know they’re getting a placebo but are assured that if they have the right attitude it will still have a positive effect. Basically as one ancient scripture puts it “Things are not as they are – but as we are!” What and how we think about our health, fitness, wellness, abilities, attitudes, relationships, work, play – (need I go on?) – is as important as all our objective efforts to care for ourselves.

So exactly what is possible, if you are you dying to live longer, healthier and stretch the boundaries of how much pleasure is possible in one lifetime? The answer is blowing in the wind, up to you, all a guess at this point. One thing is certain the old stories about what’s true about aging and illness are changing and experimenting is called for.

I therefore invite you to become a longevity astronaut, a “longevinaut,” launching yourself into the outer reaches of aging wisely and well by changing your attitude, studying best practices and continually expanding against all the ways life tries to force you to contract.

  • Emotional & physical trauma – fully experience it, fully release it and reframe its meaning;
  • Physical pain & injury – patiently nurture it and reframe its meaning;
  • Pull of gravity – counter with a lengthened, empowered posture;
  • Boredom – see the awe in every moment and the smallest things – especially nature;
  • Be and do less – be more at ease, need less, do what you love;
  • No need to be lonely or even alone socialize, serve in community, play the wise, blessing elder role.

These expansion technologies are in PleasureStretch, My Insights On Living Long, Healthy and Fulfilled

With PleasureStretch you learn how to act as though aging is an illness, you’re in a double blind study and the placebo you’re taking is the real deal, a magic potion able to inspire and revitalize in the presence of deep enough breathing, wise, pleasurable exercise, nutritious eating and an unconditionally loving relationship with yourself. Unconditional loving is presence with unconditional attention, acceptance, appreciation and affection. Give that to yourself, your body and everyone and everything in your world!

Here’s the current Longevinaut landscape.

Scientists say the longest the human body is designed to live is 122 years. Japan currently leads the countries of the world in centenarians. There are more than 32 thousand people there over one hundred years old, and good news, their number grew by more than a third during just the last four years.

Longevinauts as I playfully call us usually have strong adaptive capacities, which is a prerequisite for health and vitality. Gerontologists believe longevity is significantly impacted by genes but studies show orderly living absent harmful habits like alcohol consumption, smoking and poor nutrition also has a major effect. One other factor worth mentioning, don’t live near congested roads because breathing quality air is so important to living.

And here some other ingredients in the placebo, 15 main rules (courtesy of researchers at a Canadian University in Hamilton), that are common factors among the world’s longevinauts.

1. Monotonous healthy diet.

2. Living in one place.

3. Life in one (a single, monolithic, clan) society.

4. Relatively high safety.

5. Drink red wine. (But moderate amount)

6. High motor activity.

7. Life without stresses.

8. Sleep well, and also nap in the afternoon.

9. Life in cold or temperate climate.

10. It is important not to pay attention to little problems.

11. Enjoy a big and happy family.

12. The lack of fear of death.

13. Don’t waste your energy.

14. The genetic factor.

15. Moderation in all things. In expression of feelings, in food, etc.

Since our thinking is so crucial we need to understand just how much we are currently addicted to our thoughts. Studies show more than 95% of our thoughts each day are just repeating habitual themes in our head, day after day after stress-full day. Continuous stress releases Cortisol into the body and too much cortisol can weaken the immune system, increase blood pressure, decrease libido, produce acne, contribute to obesity and…

I understand the problem, I’m the charter member of the Thinkaholic 12 step program. Without the right tools I am helpless to my habit of believing my thoughts. We humans are usually stuck in a loop of thoughts about events from the past which lead us to experience bad feelings in the present. Those old feelings lead to thoughts that are looking to confirm those stale feelings are true (even when there are infinite placebo possibilities to the contrary). Remember, the body believes our thoughts, so we wind up dream walking through life, thinking badly and feeling badly, burning up our immune system and slowly falling backwards into an early grave.

It is psychosomatic self-destruction from not living one’s life properly… mostly out of not knowing how to interrupt the habitual thinking and feeling loops we’ve developed. Thus we wind up stuffing our feelings and suppressing our pain with self-sabotaging addictions and wind up prematurely killing ourselves in very preventable ways.

Here’s a list of the top risks to our longevity:

In order, they’re:

  • high blood pressure,
  • smoking,
  • high cholesterol,
  • obesity,
  • low fruit and vegetable intake,
  • physical inactivity,
  • accidents,
  • alcohol,
  • infections,
  • drug abuse,
  • and then murder, the first on the list that is not self-inflicted.

(British National Health Service statistics)

Placebo thinking is not positive thinking.

Consider positive thinking as the psychological version of plastic surgery. It simply masks flaws and imperfections without really facing them, embracing them, healing them, loving them. We can feel better temporarily, but true happiness has to come from within.

Consciously reframing one’s thinking is what works.

Reframing whatever is happening in our lives (especially anything uncomfortable and contrary to our desires) to imagine it is a placebo having a powerful positive effect on us and our ability to heal and thrive. When failure becomes inspiration to improve and try again or fear becomes reframed as excitement announcing we’re about to grow and learn, all the bad habits and addictions we use to hide from our pain; our stress, emotional wounds, traumas and fears that are killing us – slowly but surely are replaced by the expansions listed above!

Clearly, if we’re going to live out our dreams and become longevinauts, we need effective tools that can interrupt the thought and feeling loops that cause us to stress out and self-sabotage. We need practices to remind us to reframe our ingrained habits. And we need effective expansion techniques to minimize the contracting effects of aging so we can stay flexible and resilient into our nineties (and beyond?).

These tools and techniques are in PleasureStretch. Doing it creates a most powerful Placebo Effect. Signing up for a free sample session is the first step…

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