What’s your Wisest Body Part?

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I love to massage, myself and others. My hands are my wisest body part. I don’t think about things as much as I feel them.

I spent years as a celebrity amusing myself at rubber chicken functions (and literally getting a feel for the room) by giving a shoulder and neck massage to anyone interested at my table, then enjoying being called over to other tables until it was time for me to speak.

I thus avoided the small talk, provided much needed healing and had meaningful encounters.

I’ve done healing touch during most of my 20 plus years of teaching yoga classes and have been amazed by how much tension the average person is carrying. I think the reason we’re so held, tight and tense is because we deposit so much of our thinking and fear into it.

Give yourself a chance to feel the tensions you’re carrying within you right now.  Take a few long, slow, deep exhales and consciously sigh each time. Let go of whatever and whoever you THINK you are and notice who and what the thing you call your body actually wants and needs. See if you can hear your heartbeat or better yet, hear the sound of the blood pumping through your body. Once you’ve stopped, even for a moment, all the hiding from your deeper emotions or when you stop seeking perfection and driving your body so hard, see if from that more peaceful place you can feel which is your wisest body part!?

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